Le Fantastick  Box
Le Fantastick  Box
Le Fantastick  Box

Le Fantastick Box


Le Fantastick® DIAMANT Diamondstick® is a patented professional microdermabrasion instrument, adapted for home use.

The Fantastick® Diamondstick® is produced from medical glass and diamond dust. It allows to: 

reduce wrinkles: your skin becomes smoother with a finer texture; 
exfoliate dead skin:  your skin becomes more luminous, soft and radiant;
balance pigmentation: the color of your skin becomes more unified, dark spots are reduced;  
regenerate: your skin becomes firmer with improved tonicity; 
reduce dry AND oily skin;
increase penetration of active substances coming from creams and serums up to 15 times!  

Le Fantastick® Diamondstick® is an extremely sustainable product. It is reusable for at least 100 years and the abrasive part has a lifetime warranty.  


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