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GAF - Guaranteed Agglomerate-Free

Diprotex’s unique GAF technology eliminates scratching problems caused by diamond agglomerates. In ultra-fine polishing applications, agglomerates are the main cause for scratched surfaces or inconsistent polishing results.

Agglomerates are clusters of undispersed diamond particles, often 10 or 20 times the size of an individual particle. The adhesion forces responsible for agglomeration increase with falling particle size, making agglomerates in diamond sizes below 1 micron extremely hard to break up. In polishing applications, agglomerates act similar as oversize particles, that is, particles much larger than an individual particle.

Diprotex’s GAF technology was developed in response to the need for polishing solutions free of unwanted agglomerates. A proprietary process guarantees that all diamond is dispersed in a single particle distribution, totally free of agglomerates. This helps avoid scratched surfaces and increases the yield of finished products.

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